Which is the best payment method to get crypto?

Bitcoin has recently become a truly popular currency unit. The severity of bitcoin as a means of payment is understandable when you find out that many employers begin to pay salaries in the crypto currency. What is a crypto exchange? Is it not only for playing on the stock exchange, but also for the payment of freelancers.

Strategies for earning Bitcoin

So, let’s figure out for a start what bitcoin is. At its core – it is nothing more than a mathematical code, a sequence of symbols, united in a chain of transactions (block). Each bitcoin is unique and connected to the previous one, so it is impossible to forge it.

Skeptics often point to this fact: bitcoin is really not supported by anything other than the complexity of the calculations. However, people trust him as a means of payment. And while there is trust – the system is stable, and bitcoin itself grows in price. In this sense, many national currencies behave in the same way. Or does someone still think that the dollar is provided with the US gold reserve?

So, there are several popular types of earning bitcoin without investments or with minimal investments:

  • Free satoshi and bitcoin-cranes. No money is required at all. The site distributes Satoshi (one hundred millionth part bitcoin) for performing any simple actions;
  • There are sites that offer to solve the captcha, to click advertising banners, or watch videos. There are entertainment resources (something like an online casino). In this way, you can quite get a good amount, however, to earn bitcoin is very difficult;
  • Crypto exchange arbitrage on the Internet is great, satoshis are distributed regularly (usually every seven to ten minutes, or once every half hour). However, a lot of free time is required. This way of earning is suitable for those who have this time;
  • Investments in cloud mining. Initially, the production of bitcoins was produced on home computers, then powerful computing stations. By 2017, the complexity of the mining of at least one bitcoin has grown so much that only large data centers cope with this. The technique is expensive, and the investment in it is very large.

Therefore, it was more expedient to attract third-party participants to invest crypto exchange no verification. The company-owner of the mining farm makes a profit and invests it in the modernization of equipment, as well as paying bills for electricity. The user, buying out computing power, gets the opportunity to earn bitcoin with minimal investments.

Opponents of cloud mining usually say that the yield with this approach is extremely low. In addition, there is always a chance to run into a typical scum that will not pay. On the other hand, the miner does not need to invest in equipment himself, spend money on electricity and maintain his mining farm in working condition 24 hours a day.

Earnings on the crypto exchange coins. Also does not require too much investment, but at the same time assumes knowledge of certain nuances. The essence of such earnings is in the purchase of bitcoin and subsequent sale at a higher rate. You can keep the cryptocurrency for a long time, in the long run. However, there is another option: to play at daily fluctuations in prices, which allows you to earn money instantly. Nevertheless, this approach is best used for less expensive crypto currency than bitcoin.

1 LTC = 134.960000 USD
1 LTC = 0.01239000 BTC
1 LTC = 118.600000 EUR
1 LTC = 0.43820000 ETH
1 LTC = 106.350000 GBP

How to earn income on the exchange of cryptocurrency

Any currency trade is a speculative transaction (arbitration), the essence of which is to buy something cheaper and then sell more expensive. Crypto-currencies in this sense are no exception. However, you should not confuse the game on the stock exchange with the withdrawal of the cryptocurrency through exchangers. On a crypto exchange, a deal is made between two players. In the crypto exchange that accepts paypal, you pay some amount directly to the site owner for converting your bitcoins into dollars or another currency.

In any case, exchange rates help you make money by concluding profitable deals with minimal investments. Consider some strategies on how to earn bitcoin on an exchange.

Bitcoin exchange: instructions for use

What is needed to organize earnings on the exchange of bitcoin? To begin with, you should carefully study all the resources that offer exchange of crypto-currencies. Not all of them work with small crypto exchange lowest fees.

In addition, there is a risk of running into scammers who do not pay any bitcoins by definition. The best way is to use exchanger monitoring sites.

To exchange for cryptocurrency and receive bitcoin, you also need to create an electronic wallet in Qiwi Wallet, WebMoney or Neteller. You will also need to get a bitcoin-purse for cryptocurrency. The initial amount that will be needed to start earning, will be about $50.

So, how to make money on the bitcoins exchange? Step-by-step instruction:

  • Start a purse and refill your account for the required amount. Or you can bind a bank account to the system;
  • Pass authorization on a crypto exchange websites and attach to it your online wallet;
  • Then for dollars buy bitcoins;
  • –°rypto exchange paypal to bitcoins back to dollars.

In this case, it is most advantageous to have several purses on various exchanges or exchangers. Exchange rates at all vary – watch closely the quotation.