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We keep our hands on the pulse of the 24/7 crypto news, closely follow the mining trends and news from the equipment manufacturers. The bitcoin rate – the Crypto currency with the highest capitalization to date, is heavily influenced by news from China, so we recommend paying particular attention to them.

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Crypto currency is a digital asset, the accounting of which is decentralized. The functioning of these systems takes place using a distributed computer network. Thus the information on transactions can not be ciphered and to be accessible in an open kind. Cryptography is used to ensure that the chain of transaction database units remains unchanged. The term was entrenched due to the article about bitcoin “Cryptocurrency”, published in 2011 in the magazine Forbes.

Mining – activities to maintain a distributed platform and create new blocks with the opportunity to receive compensation in the form of the issued currency and commission fees in various cryptocurrencies, in particular Bitcoin. Produced calculations are required to provide protection against the re-use of the same currency units, and the connection of mining with emissions stimulates people to spend their computing power and support the operation of networks.

The new report of the investment bank UBS said that at the moment, bitcoin can not replace money because of high volatility and insufficient distribution.

Analysts of the crypto news network believe that now the crypto currency is in poor demand, therefore it is strongly prone to sharp price fluctuations. However, if the military-technical cooperation reaches a certain level of scalability and substantial support, it can become a full-fledged means of payment and a legitimate asset that even the most conservative investors will use.

The crypto coin market news also says that while this type of assets can not be considered viable. The report was sent yesterday to all bank customers. In conclusion, UBS indicates that bitcoin does not meet the necessary criteria to be considered money, but this possibility is not excluded in the future.

UBS promises to monitor changes in crypto-economy and the development of the detachment. The document was compiled in response to numerous appeals from customers interested in virtual currency. The authors’ conclusions are based on the analysis of bitcoin on macroeconomic indicators and comparison of its effectiveness with other classes of assets.

Methods of investing in cryptocurrency in 2018 and 2019

You can become a happy owner of any kind of crypto currency in various ways, as says best crypto news website:

Mining is the most complex and investment-demanding method (significant energy costs and the need to own or rent suitable equipment). Crypto currency is generated by the method of complex calculations using special software. That is, to solve various problems related to the cryptocurrency, you give part of the power of the processor and video card, and in return receive a reward in the form of the desired digital coins. But then you need to understand that the issue of all cryptocurrency is finite, which means that the production of cryptonyms will become more difficult with time – you will need a more powerful technique that consumes more and more electricity. There are special mining pools (server pools), but you need to choose them carefully – among such projects scammers often come across. And, of course, you need to have programming skills for mining – otherwise it will be very difficult to understand the process itself.

The easiest way is to get a cryptocurrency for a rendered service or sold goods. Having a blockade purse, you can sell any goods not for the usual money, but for cryptocurrency.

You can get free coins (“bounty”) as a reward for time spent and all sorts of actions: registration, service overview, visiting the site at a certain time, etc.

You can acquire a cheap currency and try yourself in this area without much risk by placing assets in a fund with a low entry threshold.
The most common way – exchange on the exchange. You can exchange money (real) money for digital through any crypto-exchange. In the network, a lot of exciting stories are walking about how at the dawn of the appearance of cryptocurrency people bought them for pennies, and then earned fortunes. But you need to clearly understand which currency to invest in, so as not to lose your money.

If we omit complex terminology in our crypto news podcast that is understandable only to people working in the field of information technology, then the crypto currency is originally a digital decentralized currency, based on various encryption mechanisms (cryptography). Crypto currency is not tied to national banks or the economy of any of the countries. One of their most important features, in addition to complete anonymity – lack of physical appearance, that is, this money initially exists only in electronic form, which makes them absolutely unaffected by inflation. Information about the assets is not on the shared server as in the case of banks – copies of transaction databases are stored directly on the computers of system participants in a special program, or electronic wallet. In turn, participants in the system can verify the data automatically through mathematical algorithms.