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The increase in capitalization, which by the spring of 2018 reached more than $ 450 billion, only strengthens people’s interest in crypto-currency. At the same time, a large proportion of users are interested in possible and crypto news update of bitcoin as a means of earning money.

Purchase and storage

If you do not know how to start making bitcoins and how to make money on bitcoin – 7 ways start with this. Many are skeptical about the idea of storing a large amount in the crypto currency. In some bitcoins, earnings without investments quickly cause associations with financial pyramids. Most users (especially at the beginning of the development of cryptocurrencies) had similar thoughts for a reason of crypto news websites. Often the earnings of bitcoin turned out to be a failure because of the fall of the rate. Others have succeeded in time to join the ranks of the owners of bitcoin and are now reaping the fruits. For them, making money on the Internet on bitcoin has become a reality.

This method is not suitable for those who are interested in how to earn bitcoin without attachments. In order to reflect on this way of self-sufficiency, it is enough to give a short digression into the history. In 2009, the bitcoin rate was $ 1 for 1,300 military-technical cooperation. To date, the price of one military-technical cooperation is 8 thousand dollars. The growth rate of about two million times in 9 years demonstrates an unprecedented benefit from using a payment facility instead of deposits in banks. Here is the answer to the question of how to earn bitcoins without investing quickly. And the question of how to get bitcoins does not get so acute. Hundreds of exchangers with a good reputation have long worked with cryptocurrency.

Getting free Satoshi and bitcoin – faucet on crypto news aggregator.

You can earn a cryptocurrency for free or for simple actions. For example, visiting a site, watching an ad, or filling out a survey questionnaire. There are sites that deal with the distribution of Satoshi – the fractional parts of bitcoin (in 1 btc 100 million Satoshi).
On some sites, in order to get a cryptocurrency, you need to unravel the captcha or perform an action, as a rule, entertaining, for example, twist “roulette”. Cranes are numerous, and distributions of bitcoins on the Internet occur very often (every five minutes – day), but there is a drawback: to earn some small amount you will have to constantly be at the computer.

Cloud mining and investments in it

A truly golden vein of cryptocurrencies is cloud mining according to crypto news south korea. Each coin is a programmed code, a digital entry in the registry, so you can generate crypto currency on special equipment. So, money is obtained literally from the air. But the technique for really profitable mining is very expensive.

In order not to organize a bitcoin farm independently (and for this you need to purchase equipment, learn the technique of earning, set up the entire system and constantly monitor production), numerous services offer to invest in cloud-mining a certain amount and further earn income. We need even smaller investments than with the independent organization of mining, and the earnings are not guaranteed.

Earnings on the exchange of cryptocurrency

Earnings on the exchange of bitcoins do not require as much investment as mining, the system is simpler, it can be controlled independently and without the presence of highly specialized knowledge. Firstly, it is possible to purchase cryptocurrency and keep it until the rate increases, but this way of earning requires significant investments. Secondly, it is possible to earn money on the exchange of bitcoins through exchangers or exchanges. The latter option allows you to receive money quickly and does not require large investments and just read crypto news twitter.

Bitcoin is surrounded by uncertainty. Someone thinks that the future is behind it, while others fear – make the market a full-fledged currency, it can destroy the world economy. But on both sides people agree that today it is possible to organize earnings on the exchange of bitcoins, to receive cryptocurrency for free or for elementary actions.

Earnings on Bitcoin: Strategies

In fact, Bitcoin is just a digital file, where names and balances are recorded. These numbers have value, because people have a desire to exchange goods and services for coins of their balance in the wallet and are sure that others also think. This currency is valuable only because we see value in it. As says, crypto news live, however, and with any fiat currency, issued by the state. Or is there still someone who still believes that dollars are backed up by the US gold reserve?

In any case, today it’s easy to make money on exchanging bitcoins or cranes.