Top crypto websites

Top crypto websites

Cryptocurrency is a virtual money, which, unlike fiat funds, does not have physical expression. The unit of such currency is “coin”, which in English means “coin”. A feature of the monetary unit is protection against forgery, because it encrypts data that can not be duplicated.

What is a crypto wiki?

To date, the use of a variety of electronic financial systems is one of the main reasons for successful interaction between users of the worldwide Internet. Such cooperation may be related to the setting of crypto newsletter commercial and other purposes. Bitcoin (BTC) is one of the most stable and reliable such virtual currency units today. Such a cryptocurrency has gained world recognition since its introduction, and today it enjoys well-deserved popularity among many people.

Types of crypto-currency and their features:

Despite the huge number of competitors crypto viewing, Bitcoin (BTC) takes an honorable place as a leader among the Crypto-currency, as well as approximately $ 65 billion in dollar terms. The main reason for this success is the fact that the presented type of crypto currency is protected and is not controlled by any financial institution.

(ETH) connected to the Blockchain system, characterized by the fact that all information on transactions is stored on a set of PCs that are connected to one single network. Each of these computers is anonymous and has the same access levels.

Almost instantly, the currency that emerged as a result of the hard fork of the original Bitcoin’s blockbuster – BCH (Bitcoin Cash) gained wide recognition and recognition. By the end of August 2017, more than 20% of Bitcoin mining capacities switched to BCH, which immediately affected the value of this cryptocurrency. Low complexity of mining and high cost Bitcoin Cash every day increases its capitalization.

Cryptocurrency Ripple This closes the top four leaders Ripple (XRP), the importance of which in the global market of cryptocurrency is rapidly growing, and analysts say, may reach the gold level in the near future, but this is not certain.

Top crypto sites about cryptocurrency


Site Topics: News about cryptocurrencies bitcoin and ethereum, crypto options. Analysis and review of new technologies in the crypto industry, and also the analysis of charts of cryptocurrency.

This resource, we knowingly put in the first place in our conditional rating, because in addition to the beautiful visual component, the administration provides unique content that literally absorbs you in the topic of the article and unique, and simply unique in its idea pictures. In general, we will not spread the thought of the tree to describe this resource, just go to the link, and see for yourself, we will not be afraid of this word of “genius”.

In addition to the English language, the site is available in Spanish, Slovenian, Serbian and Japanese.

Site topic: Provision of ratings of the cryptocurrency based on the price, capitalization and daily turnover.

Capitalization of the crypto-currency markets (CryptoCurrency Market Capitalization), this is how the original site name is translated with the domain name All without exception, users interested in the field of crypto-currency, at least once came to this resource, because it provides such necessary information – the actual value of all cryptocurrencies, which, incidentally, is updated every second. The site is very simple to understand and use.

Thematic site: Topical crypto news twitter regarding cryptocurrency and blocking technology.

The site is one of the most popular sites in the world, because in the Alexa rating it occupies 3,894 place in the world and 1,572 place in the US, which can not but impress. This site is a site aggregator of world news in the field of crypt. For the convenience and more popularization of its materials, the site uses social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook. Mobile version of the site is readable, so smartphone users do not lose the pleasure of visiting the mobile version of the site

Site Topics: News crypt. Interview with representatives of the crypto industry.

On the site there is a section of blockage and other technologies, a business section, a section of markets and in all these sections there are actual news. A day on the site appears about 4 articles a day.

Site Topics: Topical news in the field of digital money.

About this site, too, you can write a lot of information, but this article is conceived for another purpose – to introduce you to the overseas Internet resources of our industry. BTCManager – it’s not like a resource, it differs from the total mass of almost everyone, from design to content. This is not an ordinary aggregator, which places topical articles, it’s nothing else. And in order to learn more about this resource, go to its pages.

Application of cryptocurrency, as well as investing in them

Due to the popularity of such virtual currency units as Bitcoin Cash (BCC), NEM (XEM), the number of services offering a variety of transactions ranging from transfers to investing is constantly growing in the network, you can even make crypto sports betting. Anyone who has one of the types of cryptocurrency, can use it as follows:

  • invest in cloud mining (purchase of capacities with the help of which the production of crypto-currency is carried out);
  • investment in the cryptocurrency for a long or short term (purchase and subsequent sale through a special exchange cryptocurrency).

Despite such peculiarities, the infrastructure that simplifies access to the crypto currency, including those related to their cashing, is constantly being improved in our country. Within the framework of such procedures, special terminals are installed, as well as recognition of the crypto currency by other players on the market, including financial institutions. Taking into account such peculiarities, the virtual monetary units presented have a very promising future.